Thick copper glass composite circuit board materials | R-1786

Glass composite circuit board materials NewCEM-3


  1. Compatible with high current applications by thick copper foil usage (70µm)
  2. CEM-3 grade material with high reliability (Tracking resistance CTI 600)

Circuit Board Materials

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copper clad

  • Application
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・For high current applications
Power supply system board, Inverter, converter board
Ex:power conditioner and battery of the solar power


High current
(Thick copper foil type)
Tracking resistance
High reliability

Tracking resistance

Tracking resistance

General configuration of solar power(personal residence)

General configuration of solar power(personal residence)

General properties

Item Test method Condition Unit R-1786
Solder heat resistance JIS C6481 260°C solder float for 2min No abnormality
Heat resistance 1oz JIS C6481 A 240°C 60min
Dielectric constant(Dk) 1MHz IPC TM-650 C-96/20/65 4.5
C-96/20/65+D-24/23 4.5
Dissipation factor(Df) C-96/20/65 0.015
C-96/20/65+D-24/23 0.015
Volume resistivity JIS C6481 C-96/20/65 MΩ·m 1×108
C-96/20/65+C-96/40/90 5×107
Surface resistivity JIS C6481 C-96/20/65 3×108
C-96/20/65+C-96/40/90 1×108
Insulation resistance JIS C6481 C-96/20/65 5×108
C-96/20/65+D-2/100 1×107
Water absorption JIS C6481 E-24/50+D-24/23 % 0.08
Flexural strength Fill JIS C6481 A N/mm2 280
Peel strength2oz JIS C6481 A kN/m 2.2
260°C solder float for 20sec 2.1
Alkali resistance JIS C6481 dipping (3min) No abnormality
Flammability JIS C6481 A+E-168/70 94V-0

The sample thickness is 1.6mm.

The above data are typical values and not guaranteed values.