Semiconductor Packaging Encapsulation Materials for Automotive/Industrial equipment "LEXCM CF" series

Contribute to improving the reliability of semiconductor package
such as a power device requiring automotive quality

New branding announcement

  • Panasonic Electronic Materials Division launches LEXCM brand Semiconductor Device Materials. The LEXCM brand now comprises all of the Semiconductor Device Materials; IC packaging materials (which includes substrates, encapsulants and underfills) and electronic assembly materials. Additionally, the IC substrate materials' brand is transitioning from MEGTRON GX to LEXCM GX.

Line up

Application Our oroposal
Power device
Power device

For Automotive IC package Delamination free
surface mounting semiconductor encapsulation materials

High adhesion, low stress AEC-Q100/grade 0 for Clip-bond PKG

For Power modules High thermal conductive
semiconductor encapsulation materials
CV4180, CV4380

High heat dissipation Stress reduction High adhesion

For high heat resistance power devices
semiconductor encapsulation materials

High heat resistance Low warpage, Low stress High insulation

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