Smartphone : AV/Computing

More speeding up has been realized in smartphone and it is expected that smartphone is connected to the other digital devices and high quality innovative services are launched, which will make smartphone more attractive.
Panasonic, as one of the few manufacturers who can offer a total range of the components for smartphone, actively strengthens product group in order to meet the customer's demands in design and development of their terminals.

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MicrocomputersESD SuppressorChip VaristorChip VaristorESD SuppressorNTC Thermistor (Chip type)Common Mode Noise FiltersCommon Mode Noise FiltersGraphite Sheet (PGS)Graphite Sheet (PGS)NTC Thermistor (Chip type)NTC Thermistor (Chip type)Graphite Sheet (PGS)Chip VaristorGraphite Sheet (PGS)Graphite Sheet (PGS)FuseCommon Mode Noise FiltersChip VaristorFuseChip VaristorTactile SwitchCommon Mode Noise FiltersChip VaristorNTC Thermistor (Chip type)NTC Thermistor (Chip type)Chip VaristorCommon Mode Noise FiltersCommon Mode Noise FiltersConductive Polymer Electrolytic CapacitorsMOSFETGraphite Sheet (PGS)Chip ResistorsMotor Driver ICConductive Polymer Electrolytic CapacitorsChip ResistorsPower SupplyFuseNTC Thermistor (Chip type)Multi-layer Circuit Board Materials Flexible Circuit Board MaterialsLED Driver ICs for Illumination