Thermal solutions

Do you have a heat attributed trouble?

lower the temperature. control the heat. keep the performance. have a thinner, lighter product.
Panasonic's thermal control product will solve your thermal problems!

Panasonic's thermal solution

Our total device solutions for your thermal problemsPGS Graphite Sheet. Pyrolytic Graphite SheetSSM(Semi Sealing Material)Multilayer PGSThermal Control Design SupportPCB Materials for LED Lightings・Power ModuleCooling Fan with Unique Hydro Dynamic Bearing

Panasonic's thermal solution(Thermal design support)

Solutions for thermal problem by simulation・verification with Panasonic devices
[Example]Effect verification of thermal control devices by radiation simulation
Solution: Release heat from chassis by heat radiator. Solution: Equalize temperature in chassis by shielding heat with heat radiator.
Balance chassis surface with the decrease of battery temperature