Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) : Solution modules

With the development of the Internet, data centers and other facilities are being constructed in various locations. In such facilities, it is imperative to install Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) that supply energy in the event of an emergency. Panasonic will fully support its customers' efforts to create systems by providing them with high-efficiency batteries, as well as high-efficiency power control devices and thermal management devices.

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Film CapacitorFilm CapacitorChip ResistorChip ResistorChip ResistorChip ResistorChip ResistorCapacitorCapacitorCapacitorGraphite Sheet (PGS)Graphite Sheet (PGS)Graphite Sheet (PGS)Graphite Sheet (PGS)FuseFuseFuseFuseNTC Thermistor (Chip type) MicrocomputerMicrocomputerNickel Metal Hydride BatteryInverter MicrocomputerChip VaristorPower SupplyLED Driver ICs for Illumination