Liquid Materials for Board level Underfill, Adhesives

Secondary mounting reinforcement of semiconductor package
such as CSP/BGA, Adhesive bonding of camera module/image sensor

New branding announcement

  • Panasonic Electronic Materials Division launches LEXCM brand Semiconductor Device Materials. The LEXCM brand now comprises all of the Semiconductor Device Materials; IC packaging materials (which includes substrates, encapsulants and underfills) and electronic assembly materials. Additionally, the IC substrate materials' brand is transitioning from MEGTRON GX to LEXCM GX.

Line up

Application Our proposal
CSP / BGA / Image Sensor
Power device

High heat resistance Secondary mounting Sidefill materials CV5797

For large size PKG Tg 160°C Pot life 72h Frozen storage Easy to inspect

High heat resistance Secondary mounting Underfill materials CV5794

Tg 160°C Pot life 72h Frozen storage

Low-temperature curing Secondary mounting Underfill materials CV5350AS

Cures at a low temp of 80°C Tg is 150°C or greater High fluidity

For secondary mounting reinforcement Drop impact resistance liquid encapsulant CV5313, CV5314

Drop impact resistance Underfill/Sidefill reinforcement

Camera Module

Thermosetting Adhesive/UV curing Adhesive CV5000, CV7000

Bonding of various materials Solvent resistance Time-lagged curing


Surface Mount Assembly Reinforcement Type for PKGs


Necessity of Reinforcement for Automotive Electronic Components (Solder Crack Causes)

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