Flexible circuit board materials FELIOS | R-F775

Flexible circuit board materials FELIOS R-F775


  1. Felios adhesiveless flex materials are available in a wide-range of film and copper foil thicknesses to support all applications.
  2. Felios offers superior thermal resistance, dimensional stability and quality.

Circuit Board Materials

  • Part Number

Double-sided copper clad R-F775
Single-sided copper clad R-F770

  • Application
  • Detailed use
Consumer mobile products (Smartphone, tablet PC), Medical, Industrial, Avionics/Space applications, In-vehicle cable(Wire harness alternative), etc.


Superior thermal resistance
MOT 160°C
Wide line-up of film thickness
Wide line-up of copper foil
thickness 2-150µm



General properties

Item Test method Condition Unit R-F775
Solder heat resistance JIS C6471 A °C >330
C-96/40/90 260
Dielectric constant(Dk) 1GHz ASTM D150 A - 3.2
Dissipation factor(Df) 0.003
Tensile Modulus ASTM D882 A GPa 7.1
Tensile strength Internal method A MPa 542
Peel strength RA: 1/3oz(12μm) JIS C6471 A N/mm 1.35
CTE MD/TD JIS R3251 50-200°C ppm/°C 17 / 19
Z-axis ppm/°C 101
Thermal conductivity Laser flash A W/m・K 0.16
Dimensional stability IPC-TM-650 After etching MD direction % 0.00±0.10
After etching TD direction 0.00±0.10
Water absorption IPC-TM-650 23°C 24h immersion % 0.9
Flammability UL A + E-168/70 94V-0
Outgas TML / CVCM / WVR* ASTM E595-07
ASTM E595-15
% 0.62 / 0.05 / 0.55

The sample thickness is film 25μm, copper foil 12μm.
* TML: Total Mass Loss
 CVCM: Collected Volatile Condensable Material
 WVR: Water Vapor Recovered

Our Halogen-free materials are based on JPCA-ES-01-2003 standard and others.
Contain; Chlorine:≤0.09wt%(900ppm), Bromine:≤0.09wt%(900ppm),

The above data are typical values and not guaranteed values.