10SEP330M+C3 : Conductive Polymer Aluminum Solid Capacitors (OS-CON)

Conductive Polymer Aluminum Solid Capacitors (OS-CON)


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Item Performance characteristics
Body Type Radial lead type
Rated voltage (V) 10.0
Capacitance (µF) 330.0
Tolerance on Capacitance (%) -20 - 20
Category Temperature Range (°C) -55 - 105
Endurance (h) 3000
ESR (mΩ) 17.0
Rated Ripple Current-1 (mArms) 3950
Rated Ripple Current-1 (temp.) (°C) 105
Rated Ripple Current-2 (mArms) -
Rated Ripple Current-2 (temp.) (°C) -
Leakage Current [Max.] (µA) 660.0
Rated Ripple Current-2 (freq.) (kHz) -
Dissipation Factor [Max.] 0.15
Diameter (mm) 8.00
Body Length (mm) 12.00
AEC-Q200 -
Polarity Type Polar
ESR Frequency (kHz) 100
Endurance@Temp.-1 3000@105°C
Endurance@Temp.-2 -
Rated Ripple Current-1 (freq.) (kHz) 100
Body Width -
Body Height -
Number of Terminals 2
Lead (terminal) Pitch (mm) 3.50
Minimum Packaging Quantity (piece) 200
Size Code E12
Forming & Packaging Feature Lead terminal cutting (bulk, bag packing)
Weight [Typ.] (g) 0.92

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