NTC Thermistor (Chip type):Design Support

We carry out total support to our customers with design simulation
and/or by supplying data on our official website.

  • STEP 1:Please specify the required conditions.

    ①A basic constitution of circuit
    ②Reference voltage
    ③A range of temperature control and a range of an output voltage
    ④A target temperature and a target output voltage

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  • STEP 2:We’ll make a table and graphs of the main characteristics value

    ①An output voltage ( the upper and the lower limit )
    ②Sensitivity ( mV/°C )
    ③Accuracy in temperature
    ④Current of circuit

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  • STEP 3:We’ll change the circuit constant and simulate

    ①Decide the part number
    (1)B value and its tolerance
    (2)Resistance value R25 and its     tolerance
    ②Simulate the resistance value of the peripheries of a fixed resistor and its tolerance

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  • We propose you the best circuit constant.



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