Laser type PM sensor SN-GCJA5

  • ◆ Capable of visualizing IAQ (indoor air quality、μg/m3 )
  • ◆Compared with the LED type, the laser type provides higher accuracy and stabilization


Laser type PM sensor product outline

  1. Smaller size (37 x 37 x 12mm)
  2. Better accuracy (±10%) from low to high concentrations(1,000μg/m3 )
  3. Longer life-time by optimizing electrical/SW control
  4. Auto calibration function
  5. Less dust-accumulation structure for minimizing electrical tracking


  • For home appliance products and/or air quality monitors which need more accuracy & further advantages to the competitor's

Principal features of laser type sensor

Compact-sizing of
37×37×12mm achieved
Compact-sizing achieved with a smaller optical system. Contributing to space-saving of equipment when loaded.
Measurement from low to high concentration (up to 1,000μg/m3) with ±10% accuracy.
High accuracy mass concentration value indication (μg/m3) by using a concentration analysis algorithm.
Suppression of sensor interior contamination by using a tracking prevention structure.
Securing product safety by avoiding airflow above the electronic components, and suppressing deterioration and sensing performance.
Monitoring electronic components and optimizing by electrical control
Continuous monitoring of each device condition for maintaining stable output, and process software-based correction at the required timing.
Longer life and maintaining accuracy until latter half of life
Performance deterioration during years of use is corrected by auto-calibration and avoiding changes of characteristics.

Laser type PM sensor specification

Type Laser type
Detectable Objects & Accuracy PM1.0 Measurable
PM2.5 35~1000μg/m3:±10%
PM10 ±10%
Pollen ×
Concentration range 1~1000ug/m3
Operating life (accuracy continuation period) 5 years
Size (width, depth, height) 37×37×12mm
Output format UART&I2C
Operating power voltage 5.0V(±10%)
Consumption current Below 100mA
Airflow control DC fan motor
Maintenance (lens cleaning) Not required

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