Nickel-Metal Hydride Battery for infrastructure power backup








Panasonic batteries developed for infrastructure offer long-life performance even in severe conditions such as main power sources or for backup supplies in case of emergency.In emergencies, Panasonic batteries provide stable electricity as needed to realize a comfortable, safe and secure societies.



Features of nickel-metal hydride batteries for infrastructure power backup

Long life

Achieves long life of 8 to 10 years with high corrosion resistance hydrogen storage alloy

Superior charging efficiency at high temperature

superior charging efficiency at high temperature (75℃)

High-rate discharging

Enalbes to discharge as large as 3-5 It at 20℃

Nickel metal hydride batteries are highly recommended as main power supplies or backup batteries for infrastructure

Applications which Panasonic provides suitable battery solutions

  • emergency lights, guide lights
  • elevators
  • vending machines
  • base stations
  • soler systems
  • energy harvesters
  • skylight windows
  • roller shutters
  • drive recorders
  • buoys
  • emergency broadcasting equipments
  • home security systems
  • trackers
  • storage systems
  • oxygen concentrators
  • dialysis machines
  • AED
  • blood pressure monitor

Suitable for main or backup power supplies for other infrastructure machines as well.

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