FAQ0164 I'm considering purchasing batteries for a new project, where can I get support?


If you are considering a new project, the person in charge at our company or our agency will respond.
In that case, please provide the project information in advance via the inquiry form below so that we can consider it in advance.
In particular, if you fill out the inquiry form as much as possible regarding the following items, the preliminary review will proceed smoothly,
so we appreciate your cooperation.

[Project confirmation details]
・ End customer name ・ Application ・ Target cost
・ Planned quantity (xx units / month or xx units / year) / MP delivery required time
・ Delivery location: Country of shipment (→ Required standard certification)
·Required specifications
Capacity, voltage, charge current (in the case of secondary battery), discharge current (usually MAX value), discharge frequency, supply years,
Usage environment (temperature conditions, indoor / outdoor, presence / absence of special requirements such as explosion proof, etc.)
Charging method (in the case of a secondary battery)
* We do not handle chargers, so you will need to prepare.
* For batteries that need to be provided as a battery pack, please contact us regarding the following.
Battery pack outer dimensions (Max)
Pack form (resin case / tube hanging, with or without flat terminal or designated connector, etc.)

Product Information

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Primary Batteries


If you have any questions about our products, please use the form below.

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