Price Revision on Semiconductor Encapsulation Materials

Electronic Materials Business Division, Industry Company, Panasonic Corporation would like to revise the price of Semiconductor Encapsulation Materials.
The prices of various product are rising due to the disaster, environmental regulations, expansion of COVID-19 and the rapid recovery of demand from the market stagnation.
Regarding the raw materials of our products, we have been conducting activities with the highest priority of stable supply for our customers by accepting the price increase, using our in-house manufacturing rationalization and cost reduction as resources.
However it is extremely difficult to bear all of the current price increase in raw material prices through only self-help effort.
For the above reasons, we would like to implement the following price revisions.

■Product and Price Revision Range

Semiconductor Encapsulation Materials +20%

■Effective date

From December 1st, 2021 Ex-Factory basis