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Company Name Panasonic Industry Co., Ltd.
Electronic Materials Business Division
Director Hideyuki Hounoki
Address 1006,Kadoma,Osaka 571-8506,Japan (Google Map)
Business Policy
  • Mission
    Providing material solutions to a changing world,
    to create a positive future and improve lives.
  • Vision
    Creating value and contributing to society
    through innovative materials.
  • Slogan
    Partnering to go beyond.
Products Circuit Board Materials
Flexible Circuit Board Materials
Semiconductor Encapsulation Materials
Plastic Molding Compound
Advanced Films

Vision movie


1918-1929 Business foundation
(The origin of the molding materials is the Attachment Plug produced by molding technology called “Nerimono” upon the establishment of Matsushita.Plastic business development period)
1930-1945 Plastic business development
(Production of molding materials commenced for thermosetting resins such as phenolic resin.)
1946-1959 Business base establishment
1960-1970 Plastic business establishment
Production of laminates, etc. started
1961.Yokkaichi Plant begins operations
1970.Koriyama Plant begins operations
1971-1986 Electronics materials rollout
Expanded the business of circuit board materials
  • 1987.South Yokkaichi Plant begins operations
  • 1987.Multi-layer Materials Plant in Taiwan begins operations
  • 1987.Matsushita Electric Works Electronic Materials Sales ,Ltd begins operations
  • 1993.Multi-layer Materials Plant in U.S begins operations
  • 1994.Molding compounds & Encapsulation materials for semiconductors Plant in Ayuthaya, Thailand begins operations
  • 1995.Paper CCL & PCB Plant in Suzhou, China begins operations (Paper CCL production ended in 2011)
  • 1996.Launched “MEGTRON” brand
  • 1996.Paper CCL Plant in Ayutthaya, Thailand begins operations
  • 1999.Multi-layer Materials Plant in Guangzhou,China begins operations
  • 2000.Establishes Panasonic Electric Works Electronic Materials Europe GmbH
  • 2001.Koriyama West Plant begins operations
  • 2002.Molding compounds Plant in Shanghai, China begins operations
  • 2005.Encapsulation materials for semiconductors Plant in Shanghai, China begins operations
  • 2005.Establishes Koriyama MEW, Establishes Yokkaichi MEW
         (Merger with Panasonic Corporation in 2017)
  • 2005.Advanced films Plant in Koriyama begins operations
  • 2005.Multi-layer Materials production ended in U.S
  • 2006.Multi-layer Materials Plant in Suzhou, China begins operations
  • 2011.Glass composite Materials Plant in Suzhou, China begins operations
  • 2013.Establishes Electronic Materials China R&D center
  • 2019.Establishes Taiwan Semiconductor Materials R&D center
  • 2021.Launched “LEXCM” brand
  • 2022.Launched “XPEDION” brand
  • 2022.Establishes Panasonic Industry Co., Ltd.
  • 2023.PCB production ended in Suzhou Plant, China