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Company profile (2020.1.1)

Company name: Panasonic Corporation
Electronic Materials Business Division  PDF fileBusiness introduction brochure
Director: Hideshi Makino
Adress: 1006,Kadoma,Osaka 571-8506,Japan (Google Map)
  • Circuit Board materials
  • Flexible Circuit Board materials
  • Plastic materials
    Semiconductor Encapsulation materials
    Plastic Molding compound
  • Advanced films
  • Plastic Materials Division
  • Circuit Board Materials Division


Business foundation period
(The origin of the molding materials is the Attachment Plug produced by molding technology called “Nerimono” upon the establishment of Matsushita.Plastic business development period)
Plastic business development period
(Production of molding materials commenced for thermosetting resins such as phenolic resin.)
Business base establishment period
Plastic business establishment period
Further penetration of electrical/electronic devices /Production of laminates, etc. started
1961.yokkaichi Plant begins operations
1970.koriyama Plant begins operations
Electronics materials rollout period
Rapid development of electronics / Expanded the business of circuit board materials
Business area expansion period
Actively promoted global business expansion.
With chemical and electronics technologies, expanded businesses from materials to parts/devices.
1987.South yokkaichi Plant begins operations
1987.Multi-layer Materials Plant in Taiwan begins operations
1987.Matsushita Electric Works Electronic Materials Sales ,Ltd begins operations
1993.Multi-layer Materials Plant in U.S begins operations
1994.Molding compounds & Encapsulation materials for semiconductors Plant in Ayuthaya, Thailand begins operations
1995.Paper CCL & PCB Plant in Suzhou, China begins operations (Paper CCL production ended in 2011)
1996.Paper CCL Plant in Ayutthaya, Thailand begins operations
1999.Multi-layer Materials Plant in Guangzhou,China begins operations
Selection and concentration
  (structural reform and new business cultivation)
Based on the technology of core businesses, started entering growth fields.
(Flexible circuit board materials, etc.)
Reorganization of the global production system
2000.Establishes Panasonic Electric Works Electronic Materials Europe GmbH
2001.Koriyama West Plant begins operations
2002.Molding compounds Plant in Shanghai, China begins operations
2005.Encapsulation materials for semiconductors Plant in Shanghai, China begins operations
2005.Establishes Koriyama MEW, Establishes Yokkaichi MEW
          (Merger with Panasonic Corporation in 2017)
2005.Advanced films Plant in Koriyama begins operations
2006.Multi-layer Materials production ended in U.S
2006.Multi-layer Materials Plant in Suzhou, China begins operations
2011.Glass composite Materials Plant in Suzhou, China begins operations
2013.Establishes Electronic Materials China R&D center
2017.Multi-layer Materials Plant 3rd factory in Guangzhou,China begins operations
2019.Establishes Taiwan Semiconductor Materials R&D center