Electric Double Layer Capacitors HL series

Feature of HL series

Realization of long operation life, low resistance and wide temperature range

  • Long
    operation life>

    2000h guarantee

  • High current output
    (Low resistance)

    10 mΩ or less*1

  • Wide temperature range

    -40 ℃~ +85 ℃*2

  1. *1: Size: φ 18 × L 70 size
  2. *2: Size: φ 10 or less

Long operation life : 
Realization of long operation life without requiring replacement provided by the 2000- hour guarantee

Electric double-layer capacitors used in the backup power supply of industrial equipment are required to operate for a long period of time and to be maintenance-free. In a backup power supply for automotive emergency brakes, door lock release system, etc., a compact and light weight design is required in addition to long operation life. The company’s proprietary development of an electrolyte allowed it to reduce the deterioration of characteristics such as capacitance and internal resistance; consequently, the company was able to achieve the 2000-hour guarantee as radial lead type electrical double layer capacitor. This enables the designer of a power supply circuit to use fewer capacitors at the time of the initial design.

Long operation life graph

  1. The time until the capacitance reduces by 60 % by being applied 2.5 V.DC at 50 deg C continuously
  2. *1 AN type: EDLC using acetonitrile-based electrolyte. Though this type of EDLC shows excellent electrical characteristics, there are concerns about safety since toxic gas is generated during incomplete combustion due to its low flash point.

High current output(Low resistance) : 
Realization of the high current output by reducing the internal resistance

The industrial equipment such as servers and storage equipment need to discharge large current instantaneously. The conventional type of capacitors had difficulty in the discharge of large current due to high internal resistance since the conductivity of electrolyte is high. With the development of the unique electrolyte with improved conductivity, internal resistance has been reduced and flowing current has been increased even by using non-acetonitrile-based (AN) electrolyte to the level comparable to or more than those using acetonitrile-based (AN) electrolyte for supplying rapid charging and discharging required by industrial and automotive applications.

High current output(Low resistance) graph

  1. *The current value that discharge is available after 10 years by being applied 2.5 V.DC at 50 deg C continuously.

Wide temperature range : 
Realization of the low temperature guarantee down to -40 deg. C for the use under severe environment as well as automotive application

Use of the industrial equipment under stricter temperature environment has increased. Smart meters, in particular, are expected to operate outdoor in cold-weather environments, and the capacitors used in a backup power supply are required to operate in the same low temperature. In general, the low temperature guarantee of the company’s conventional radial lead type electrical double layer capacitors was limited to -25 degree C since the conductivity of capacitors reduces and the internal resistance increases under low temperature environment.
However, this product achieved a guaranteed operating temperature of -40 degree C through the development of this new electrolyte, and it can satisfy the ANSI standards of the United States. Therefore, this product is suitable for equipment installed outdoors such as smart meters as well as automotive applications in cold weather.

Contribution to the application

Possible to reduce the quantity of EDLCs with less deterioration of electrical characteristics
Contribution to Downsizing and Lightweight of the application

    • Design concept
    • Deterioration rate graph

      Possible to reduce the initial capacitance since deterioration of characteristics is low.

    • Case example
    • Example of the initial configuration calculated by
      necessary capacitance after the expected life time

      Simulation of the configuration considering characteristics deterioration of EDLC
      A company B company Panasonic
      15cells image 10cells image

      100F 5S3P (15cells)

      292 cc

      100F 5S2P (10cells)

      195 cc

      100F 5S1P (5cells)

      114 cc

      <Use condition>
      Expected life: 10 years(40 ℃)/ Range of working voltage:12 V.DC -10 V.DC
      Discharge current: 4A  Required operation time: 5 sec

      Possible to downsize and reduce weight of the application by quantity reduction of EDLC since required capacitance is low.

Use example

EDLC is used for emergency power backup with High reliability


Data backup of cache memory in case of power failure

Data backup of cache memory in case of power failure image

Door lock release system

Backup power supply for release of door lock in case of battery power failure

Backup power supply for release of door lock in case of battery power failure image

Backup power supply for the electronic brake

Backup power supply of the electronic brake in case of battery power failure

Backup power supply of the electronic brake in case of battery power failure image

Application example of HL series

For backup power supply

The backup power supply for data transfer in case of power failure

Required performance
  • Long operation life
    Expected life: 15 years
  • Safety
    No generation of
    toxic gas
  • Low temperature characteristics
    Corresponding to -40 degree C

The backup power supply for data transfer in case of power failure image

Target application
Industry Automotive
Smart meter Drive recorder
Concentrator eCall
Storage Electronic brake system
PLC Door lock release system

Specification of HL series

  EECHL0E255 picture EECHL0E405 picture EECHL0E755 picture EECHL0E506 picture EECHL0E107 picture
Category Temp. Range(℃) -40 ~ +70 (+85 ) -40 ~ +65
Maximum operating voltage(V.DC) 2.7 (2.5) 2.7
Body Dia.:φ D (mm) 8.0 (+0.5 max) 10.0 (+0.5 max) 18.0 (+0.5 max)
Body Length:L (mm) 20.0 (+2.0 max) 20.0 (+2.0 max) 30.0 (+2.0 max) 50.0 (+2.0 max) 70.0 (+2.0 max)
Lead pitch:P (mm) 3.5 (±0.5) 5.0 (±0.5) 7.5 (±0.5)
Nominal Capacitance range (F) 2.5 (±20 %) 4.0 (±20 %) 7.5 (±20 %) 50 (±20 %) 100 (±20 %)
Internal resistance (mΩ) 70 or less 50 or less 30 or less 15 or less 10 or less
Endurance +70 ℃ 2.7 V.DC 2000 hours
(+85 ℃ 2.5 V.DC 1000 hours)
+65 ℃ 2.7 V.DC 2000 hours
  Capacitance change Within ±40 % of initial measured value Within ±30 % of initial measured value
  Internal resistance change Less than 4 times of the initial specified value Less than 2 times of the initial specified value


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