Halogen-free Ultra-low transmission loss Multi-layer Circuit board materials XPEDION1 | R-5515

Halogen-free Ultra-low transmission loss Circuit board materials R-5515


  1. Prepreg R-5410 enables multi-layer antenna constructions and improves the design flexibility of high-frequency circuit boards; especially suitable for millimeter-wave antennas.
  2. This material achieves higher efficiency and lower loss, with the added benefit of reduced processing costs.

Circuit Board Materials

  • Part Number

Laminate R-5515
Prepreg R-5410

  • Application
  • Detailed use
Antenna(Automotive millimeter-wave radar, Base station), Etc.


Dk 3.06 Df 0.002
Tg (DMA)
Reduce PCB process cost
(vs. PTFE material)


Frequency dependence by Transmission loss

Frequency dependence by Transmission loss

Long-term stability under High temperature (Dk, Df)

Long-term stability under High temperature (Dk, Df)

General properties

Item Test method Condition Unit  XPEDION1 
Glass transition temp.(Tg) DMA A °C 200*¹
CTE z-axis α1 IPC-TM-650 2.4.24 A ppm/°C 50
α2 300
T288(with copper) IPC-TM-650 A min >120
Thermal conductivity Laser flash A W/m·K 0.35
Dielectric constant(Dk) 14GHz Balanced-type circular
disk resonator method
C-24/23/50 3.06*¹
Dissipation factor(Df) 0.002*¹
Peel strength*² 1/2oz(18µm) IPC-TM-650 2.4.8 A kN/m 0.6*¹

The sample thickness is 0.5mm.
*1 The sample thickness is 0.13mm.
*2 H-VLP2 Copper

Please contact us about the thickness specification.

Our Halogen-free materials are based on JPCA-ES-01-2003 standard and others.
Contain; Chlorine:≤0.09wt%(900ppm), Bromine:≤0.09wt%(900ppm),

The above data are typical values and not guaranteed values.

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