High heat resistance Phenolic Molding Compound for Automotive Components

Notes for using technical information.
Achieving both high heat resistance and strength, and being adopted for motors, automotive parts.
Providing excellent dimensional stability in a hot environment and contributing to high reliability of various commutators for motors.
Achieving the reduction of the weight of motor cover parts by replacing the metal parts or combing the parts.

Plastic Molding Compound

  • CN6641
  • CN6771
  • CY4200


Housing (Power window, Blower), Bushing (Starter, Alternator), Commutators, Slipring, Motor Brush Holder (Starter, Power steering)

Line-up for various commutators

Part number CN6442 CN6641 CN6771
Features Heat resistance and
Rotational strength
Moldability Heat/humidity resistance and
Dimensional stability
Motor application Starter Suitable Suitable
ABS Suitable Suitable
Power window Suitable Suitable
Blower Suitable

Line-up for various structural parts

Part number CY4200 CY6548 CY6020
Features High strength and
Low shrinkage
High heat-resistance and
High strength
High strength and
Low shrinkage


Power window,
Wiper, Blower, etc.



Starter, Alternator

Motor brush holder

Motor brush holder

Starter Power steering

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