Low CTE IC substrate materials Designed to Improve Reliability | R-1515V

Low CTE IC substrate materials Designed to Improve Reliability R-1515V


  1. Low CTE reduces warping and addresses a critical challenge with the IC packaging process.
  2. Flexibility and buffering features through a stress relaxation technology improves the reliability of the assembly process.
  3. Offering excellent thickness tolerances.

Circuit Board Materials

  • Part Number

Low CTE glass cloth

Laminate R-1515V

Normal glass cloth

Laminate R-1515K

  • Application
  • Detailed use
IC substrate FC-BGA (CPU, GPU, FPGA, ASIC, etc.)

New branding announcement

  • Panasonic Electronic Materials Division launches a new product brand for the Semiconductor Device Materials business.
    The LEXCM brand now comprises all of the Semiconductor Device Materials; IC packaging materials (which includes substrates, encapsulants and underfills) and electronic assembly materials.
    Additionally, the IC substrate materials' brand is transitioning from MEGTRON GX to LEXCM GX.


CTE x, y-axis  3-5ppm/°C
(Low CTE glass cloth)
Stress Relaxation
Good Thickness Variation

IC Package Warpage

IC Package Warpage

A wide range of Thickness Line-up

A wide range of Thickness Line-up

Designed to Improve Reliability

Designed to Improve Reliability

General properties

Item Test method Condition Unit R-1515V
Low CTE glass cloth
Normal glass cloth
Normal glass cloth
Glass transition temp.(Tg) DMA*2 A °C 260 260 260
CTE x-axis α1 TMA*2 A ppm/°C 3-5 7 8-10
CTE y-axis 3-5 7 8-10
Dielectric constant(Dk)*1 1GHz IPC-TM-650 C-24/23/50 4.4 4.6 4.8
Dissipation factor(Df)*1 0.016 0.015 0.015
Elastic modulus*1 IPC-TM-650 2.4.4*3 25°C GPa 30 27 33
250°C 14 12 21
Peel strength 1/3oz(12µm) IPC-TM-650 2.4.8 A kN/m 0.6 0.6 0.9

The sample thickness is 100µm.
*1 700µm
*2 Measurement in tensile mode.
*3 The IPC standard determines the test sample size, methods and conditions, etc.
   but there is no formula for calculating the elastic modulus.
   Therefore, we quantified it according to JIS C 6481.

Our Halogen-free materials are based on JPCA-ES-01-2003 standard and others.
Contain; Chlorine:≤0.09wt%(900ppm), Bromine:≤0.09wt%(900ppm),

The above data are typical values and not guaranteed values.

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