Application cases of 6in1 sensors to in-vehicle cameras

Application point of a 6in1 sensor to in-vehicle cameras

  • By taking advantage of the stable temperature characteristics of a 6in1 sensor data, each frame of obtained images can be made clearer improving image recognition capability, capturing vehicle motions between frames from the 6-axis data, and enabling assisting vehicle position identification within the camera map.
  • By using vibration-resistant 6in1 sensor data, image recognition capability under strong vibration environments such as commercial vehicles and construction machines, etc., can be improved, while enabling position assistance within the vehicle's camera map, thereby enabling a single part number item applicable to a variety of camera systems usable in different vehicles.
  • 6-axis 1-chip safety function contributes to ECU space-saving and low-cost operation.

Effects of using a 6in1 sensor for the in-vehicle camera

Effect (1) Stable temperature characteristics enable obtaining accurate acceleration and angular speed data, thereby assisting image processing and information processing of the own vehicle motions within the camera map.

A 6in1 sensor can deliver stable sensor data in a warranted temperature range from -40°C to 125°C, even in temperature environments easily affected, such as the rear surface of the windshield. It is capable of image processing and assisting information processing of vehicle position in the camera map.


  • Stable data obtained from the wide warranted temperature range and characteristics can be taken out at a communication speed of 8 kHz and utilized for image processing assistance and assisting the vehicle's position information processing in the camera map.

Effect (2) Obtains accurate acceleration and angular speed data with vibration immunity and assists image processing and information processing of the vehicle's motions.

Due to the toughness of the sensor and not being affected by vibration under severe environments given in commercial or two-wheeled vehicles, this sensor provides stable motion data of camera systems in a variety of vehicles, enabling assisting image processing and vehicle position information processing within the camera map. A single part number item can be used for a camera system for a variety of vehicles.


  • In a camera system used for auto-driving or auto-operation of commercial vehicles or construction machines, good temperature and vibration characteristics enable stable data output and enable assisting image processing and vehicle position information processing within the camera map.
  • Actual application adoption records exist for commercial vehicles, and two-wheeled vehicles, as well as high evaluations are received for automation of construction machines.

Effect (3) Dual-purpose of 6-axis detection and functional safety has been achieved by using a single chip, contributing to space-saving and cost reduction.

When a vehicle has judgment functions of cruising, turning, and stopping based on input from a camera, functional safety is required in the camera system.
Panasonic's 6in1 sensor is equipped with diagnosis functions in all 6 axes (3-axis acceleration sensors and 3-axis gyro sensors) built into a single-chip MEMS and conforms to ASIL-B(D). Loading a single unit of the 6in1 sensor enables both 6-axis detection and functional safety while achieving space-saving and cost reduction.


  • The 6-axis 1-chip, with safety functions, achieves the industry's smallest size (company's survey). It contributes to space-saving, improved freedom of attachment, and BOM cost reduction.

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