Application case of passive safety and VDC (vehicle dynamics control) [6in1 sensor]

Application point of a 6in1 sensor in passive safety and VDC

  • Stable temperature characteristics enable the provision of accurate vehicle motion detection information to the passive safety application while providing a high degree of freedom for the ECU installation position on a vehicle.
  • Even in a strong vibration environment, the same part number unit can provide data with little noise disturbance, for the passive safety application and the VDC application not only for passenger vehicles, but also for a wide variety of vehicles such as commercial, construction, or two-wheeled vehicles.
  • The 6-axis single-chip design enables integrated control of skid prevention, overturning control, airbag open/close control, etc., from a single ECU. The industry's smallest size (company's survey) 6-axis sensor with functional safety enables space-saving and low-cost design.

Adoption effects of the 6in1 sensor for passive safety and VDC

Effect (1) Stable temperature characteristics for delivering accurate acceleration and angular speed data

As a 6in1 sensor delivers stable data in a wide range of operation-ensured temperatures (-40°C to 125°C), vehicle motion detection information can be used for torque control and gear shift scenario setting by combining gear information, steering information, and accelerator position.
From such an operation-warranted temperature range, high degrees of freedom can be offered for the ECU loading position on the vehicle.


  • A 6in1 sensor is capable of delivering stable data obtained from its wide operation temperature range and good temperature characteristics at a communication speed of 8 kHz, suited for applications requiring immediacies such as passive safety applications and VDC applications.

Effect (2) Vibration-resistant sensors can deliver accurate acceleration and angular speed data even in a vibrating environment.

Because of its robustness in not easily being affected even in severe vibrating environments in commercial or two-wheel vehicles, the sensor can be used for passive safety applications and VDC applications and has a proven market track record in the passenger car, commercial vehicle, and two-wheel vehicle systems.


  • Because there is little impact on sensor data even under severe vibration environments such as commercial vehicles and heavy machinery, this sensor is suited for passive safety applications and vehicle motion control of different vehicles.

Effect (3) Achieving functional safety and 6-axis detection in a single chip

Panasonic 6in1 sensor has a built-in diagnostic function in all 6 axes (3-axis acceleration sensor and 3-axis gyro sensor) and conforms to ASIL-B(D) in a single chip. It is suited for passive safety applications and VDC (vehicle dynamics control) such as skid prevention and overturning prevention functions. In addition, when integrating multiple functional safety into a single CPU, this sensor can save space and cost by reducing the number of sensors.


  • Achieving the industry's smallest level of size while offering 6-axis 1-chip safety functions (company's survey). It can contribute to space-saving, improved freedom of installation, and BOM cost reduction.

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