News / December 13, 2018: To Bolster Substrate Material Business in North East Asian Region

The move responds to strong semiconductor demand in China and Taiwan

Panasonic to Bolster Substrate Material Business for Semiconductor Packages and Modules
in China and North East Asian Region

Osaka, Japan – Panasonic Corporation announced today that it will enhance its production and development functions for the substrate material MEGTRON GX, which is used in semiconductor packages and modules, in China and the North East Asian region.

  1. Production Launch in China
    In addition to the current production sites, the Koriyama operation (Koriyama, Fukushima, Japan) and Panasonic Industrial Devices Materials Taiwan Co., Ltd. who manufacture substrate materials for semiconductor packages and modules, Panasonic Industrial Devices Materials (Suzhou) Co. Ltd., which currently produces and sells multi-layer circuit board materials, will launch the production and sales of substrate materials for semiconductor packages and modules in April 2019. The objective of this operation is to respond to the increased demand for rapid deliveries and services by semiconductor manufacturers, semiconductor packaging manufactures, and substrate manufacturers particularly in the Eastern China region.
  2. New Establishment of R&D Functions in Taiwan
    In April 2019, the Taiwan Semiconductor Materials R&D Center will be established as part of Panasonic Industrial Devices Materials Taiwan, Co., Ltd., the current production site of multi-layer circuit board materials including substrate materials for semiconductor. This will enhance not only the rapid new product development but also the measurement and engineering service function to semiconductor manufacturers, semiconductor packaging manufacturers, and substrate manufacturers, thereby contributing to the reduction of customer's development lead-time.
Product information MEGTRON GX

With the recent trend of IoT (Internet of Things) and smartphones with greater functionality, the semiconductor package and module market is significantly expanding and the demand for substrate materials is also rapidly increasing. China, in particular, has been promoting the domestic manufacturing of semiconductors with stronger demand for substrate materials expected in the future. In addition, Taiwan's position as a key development and manufacturing site for semiconductors as well as packages and modules is gaining momentum. In such an environment, Panasonic will enhance its substrate material business in China and North East Asian Region to meet the increasing demand for the required materials.