EDLC Backup Time Calculation Tool

  • This tool is capable of calculating the backup time of an electric double-layer capacitor (EDLC).
  • Enter the following three service conditions and press the "calculate" button.
  • The backup time of each product number is indicated on the left of the table.
  • Clicking the graph mark on the right of the table displays a discharge curve graph.
  • [V]
  • [V]

Backup time Series
(including -N)
Part No. * Maximum operating temperature
(deg C)
Maximum operating voltage
Internal resistance
(initial specified value)
(Ω) at 1 kHz
Recommended discharge current

* Substitute the parentheses in the part number with V or H to denote the terminal shape.

Substitute the # in the part number with a blank or the code shown below.

# Lowest operating temperature
Blank -25 deg C
N -40 deg C