Paper phenolic circuit board materials | R-8700

紙フェノール基板材料 R-8700

  1. Stable with little dimensional change and warpage
  2. Excellent tracking resistance: maintaining the CTI600V or more, it is recommended to the power supply circuit
  3. Excellent punching resistance at low temperature: improving dimensional accuracy by low heating

Circuit Board Materials

  • Part Number

Single-sided copper clad R-8700(EF)
Single-sided copper clad R-8700(SB)
Single-sided copper clad R-8500
Single-sided copper clad R-8700
Double-sided copper clad R-8705EF
Double-sided copper clad R-8705

  • Application
  • Detailed use
・For digital·home appliance
LCD TVs, DVDs, audio equipment, home appliances, in-vehicle instrument panels, motors, remote controls, etc.


  Highly heat resistance Excellent tracking resistance Halogen-free Standard
Single-sided copper clad R-8700(EF)
(Japanese document)
(Japanese document)
(Japanese document)
(Japanese document)
Double-sided copper clad R-8705(EF)
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(Japanese document)

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