Multi-layer circuit board materials | R-1766

多層基板材料 R-1766


  1. Good secondary lamination molding processability, excellent adhesion between the layers
  2. High-speed drilling processing with less resin smear is possible
  3. Excellent electrical and mechanical properties

Circuit Board Materials

  • Part Number

Laminate R-1766
Prepreg R-1661

  • Application
  • Detailed use
・For automotive components, etc
Automotive components, Mobile products, Mobile phone, Amusement equipment, Appliances, Measuring instruments, Etc.


Excellent multilayer lamination
Excellent workability
Dimensional stability



Note: For thickness tolerance of the thickness located midway in the table, whichever is thicker shall be applied.
Note: For detail dimensions, please contact us separately.

General properties

Item Test method Condition Unit R-1766
Glass transition temp (Tg) DSC A °C 140
Thermal decomposition (Td) TG/DTA A °C 315
CTE x-axis α1 IPC TM-650 2.4.41 A ppm/°C 11-13
CTE y-axis 13-15
CTE z-axis α1 IPC TM-650 2.4.24 A 65
α2 270
T288 (with copper) IPC TM-650 A min 1
Dielectric constant (Dk) 1GHz IPC TM-650 C-24/23/50 4.3
Dissipation factor (Df) 0.016
Water absorption IPC TM-650 D-24/23 % 0.14
Flexural modulus Fill JIS C6481 A GPa 21
Peel strength 1oz IPC TM-650 2.4.8 A kN/m 2.0

The sample thickness is 0.8mm.

The above data are typical values and not guaranteed values.