32bit Inverter Control MN103H

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Product Overview

MN103H Series MCU embedded 32-bit flash MCU with original 32-bit CPU named "AM32R", have high speed processing ability and low power consumption.
They can contribute to create a high efficiency and high performance power management system , because of their high performance PWM circuit, high speed A/D converter, inverter/converter dedicated Arithmetic logic unit(3phase-3phase conversion, Trigonometric function, square root, n-order multiply–accumulate operation, flash dedicated cache) .


* Refer to Microcomputers Lineup to check the pin-pitch

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Motor Control, Power Control, Inverter Control, Converter Control, Power (GaN/SiC) Control

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  • 32-bit CPU original core with high-speed calculation ability and high processing speed
  • High-speed/High-precision analog circuit
  • Abundant lineup from 48-pin to 144-pin can satisfy various systems' requirement

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Added Value

  • Rationalization of the system is possible, because it is possible to use one MCU to control multiple motors and power
  • Miniaturization of the board is possible, because high-precision analog circuit is built-in and external components can be reduced
  • System development man-hour reduction is possible, because of various support tools such as motor automatic adjustment

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Download the technology documents from here, such as datasheet, LSI manual, etc. (Click the product name)


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