8bit Low Power MN101C

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Product Overview

MN101C Series MCU is 8-bit general use flash MCU with original 8-bit CPU named "AM13E".
They can contribute to create various systems because of its simple and compact, various peripheral functions such as LCD driver, wide range of pin count and memory lineup.


* Refer to Microcomputers Lineup to check the pin-pitch

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Home Appliances, Healthcare Instrument, AV Machine

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  • 8-bit CPU original core with high efficiency command set and small ROM size
  • Various peripheral functions embedded, which is easy to use and have abundant track record

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Added Value

  • ROM can be the same size as developed by assemble language to reduce the set cost
  • They can be used in various product such as home appliances or battery product because of the wide voltage range

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Download the technology documents from here, such as datasheet, LSI manual, etc. (Click the product name)


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