EEEFT1A680AR : FT-V (High temp. reflow)

  • Series/Type : FT-V (High temp. reflow)
  • Parts no : EEEFT1A680AR
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ItemPerformance characteristics
Body shapeSurface mount type (vertical mount style)
Polarity typePolar
Rated voltage (V)10
Capacitance (µF)68
Tolerance on capacitance (%)-20 to 20
Tangent of loss angle (max.)0.19
Leakage current (max.) (µA)6.8
Category temperature range (°C)-55 to 105
Body diameter (mm)4
Body length (mm)5.8
Lead (terminal) pitch (mm)-
Rated ripple current-1 (freq.) (Hz)100000
Rated ripple current-1 (mA)160
Rated ripple current-1 (unit)mArms
Impedance-1 (frequency) (Hz)-
Impedance-1 (max. value) (mΩ)-
E.S.R.-1 (frequency) (Hz)100000
E.S.R.-1 (max. value) (mΩ)850
Endurance (h)2000
Forming & packaging featureEmbossed carrier taping (reel packing)
AppearanceSheathless (metal case)
Quantity (min. packaging unit) (piece)2000
Weight (Typ.) (g)0.14