Application Cases in Auto-operation Railway System [6in1 sensor]

Application key points of 6in1 sensors in the auto-operation railway system

  • BOM cost reduction by loading automotive sensors that conform to the functional safety standard
  • Anti-vibration characteristics capable of operating in strong vibration environments encountered by commercial vehicles, two-wheeled vehicles, or construction machines
  • Space-saving and mounting flexibility by using 6-axis detection with a single chip

Effect of adopting 6in1 sensors in auto-operation railway system

Effect (1): BOM cost reduction by adopting sensors with automotive quality and functional safety standard to railway coach control system

Railway systems adopt SIL (Safety Integrity Level) for railway systems, but sensors conforming to automotive functional safety can be applied also for this purpose. Use of sensors for automotive application ensures performance and quality, and can reduce BOM cost further than the previous design.


  • Use of 6in1 sensors conforming to automotive functional safety can reduce BOM cost of railway systems.

* Conversion from ASIL-B(D) to applicable SIL needs to be performed by the customer.

車載品質と機能安全準拠のセンサーを鉄道車両制御システムに転用し、BOMコスト削減 説明図

Effect (2): High vibration characteristics detects train behavior even in a strong vibration environment

6in1 sensors can also be used in a system that receives strong vibration such as systems that receive similar vibration in a two-wheeled or commercial vehicles. These sensors are also used for curve detection of auto-operation trains requiring detection of vehicle behavior without being affected by external disturbances even while generating similarly strong vibration.


  • High vibration characteristics enables behavior detection of trains and each carriage in a railway operation.

Effect (3): 6-axis detection improves freedom of the attachment position

Because the Panasonic 6in1 sensor can detect all 6 axes using a single chip, it can be mounted on the circuit board of vehicle control equipment with high degree of flexibility.
In addition, when detecting motion of individual vehicle, the space-saving size of the 6in1 sensor (4.5 mm*4.5 mm*1.1 mm) provides freedom of the mounting position.


  • 6-axis 1-chip functional safety sensor achieves the industry’s smallest sized level (surveyed by the company), contributing to the freedom of the installation position and BOM cost reduction

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