Application examples in agriculture & construction machineries [6in1 Sensor]

Utilization points of 6in1 sensor in agricultural machinery/construction machinery

  • For steering correction of vehicles such as agricultural vehicles and construction vehicles, the 6-axis inertial sensor output can be used for comparison calculation between the planned track and the actual track, and it is possible to assist work automation by future autonomous/remote driving and tilt calculation of the vehicle, bucket, arm, and boom.

  • A robust system design that takes advantage of the vibration characteristics of the 6in1 sensor and the self-diagnosis function is possible.

  • Upon request, we also support the development of sensor modules using 6in1 sensor chips.

What are the positives to use 6in1 sensor for Agriculture / construction machineries?

1 : Acceleration/angular velocity data acquisition that is not affected by disturbances even in high-vibration equipment/vehicles autonomous/remote driving/work.

Panasonic's 6in1 sensor (3-axis acceleration, 3-axis gyro sensor) with excellent vibration characteristics should provide stable sensor output even under a vibration environment of ~70kHz, 10G except near the sensor resonance frequency (28kHz, 48kHz). Therefore, it is possible to assist autonomous driving and work even in high vibration applications such as agricultural machinery and construction machinery.

[What's good in 6in1?]

  • The posture of the vehicle and equipment can be calculated from the data of Panasonic's 6in1 sensor (3-axis acceleration/3-axis gyro sensor), which can be used for autonomous/remote driving and automation of bucket, arm, and boom movements.
  • Due to the good vibration characteristics of the 6in1 sensor, accurate acceleration and angular velocity data can be acquired even in a vehicle environment with large vibration such as vibration and inclination on unpaved roads, commercial vehicles and special vehicles.

2 : Achieving both 6-axis detection and functional safety

Functional safety is also required for systems such as agricultural machinery, construction machinery, and special vehicles, and functional safety is also required at the sensor level as in vehicle-mounted systems.
Panasonic's 6in1 sensor is equipped with a diagnostic function for all 6 axes of 3-axis acceleration sensor and 3-axis gyro sensor mounted in 1-chip MEMS, and the sensor 1 chip complies with ASIL-B(D). Therefore, by mounting one 6in1 sensor, it is possible to achieve both 6-axis detection and functional safety in a system that requires 6-axis inertial sensor and functional safety compliance without mounting multiple inertial sensors.

[What's good in 6in1?]

  • By mounting a 6in1 sensor that is compatible with ASIL-B(D) and 6-axis detection, both 6-axis detection and functional safety compliance can be achieved with one chip.
    In addition, it is possible to comply with functional safety with a single chip, eliminating the need to mount multiple sensors and reducing the BOM cost more than before.

3 : Upon request, we develop sensor module with 6in1 sensor chip

Systems such as agricultural machines, construction machinery, and special vehicles are often used not only in the form where the customer mounts the sensor chip in the system, but also in the form of a module equipped with a sensor. We provide and support development with modules equipped with 6in1 sensor chips.

[What's good in 6in1?]

  • It is possible to develop and provide a sensor module including functional safety by using a 6in1 sensor chip that satisfies ASIL-B(D) with one 6-axis chip.

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