Human sensing technology


This technology enables the non-intrusive analysis and estimation of a person's condition by using cameras and thermal imaging sensors.

(Exhibition image)

System Configuration

1.Capture face image, 2. AI Processing, 3.Output the result,Emotion/Drowsiness/Concentration level are measured only from video.


1. Contactless, No adjustment, Continuous
 Casual Sensing
2. Any camera is capable with no drop in performance
 No specific sensor
3 .Estimate emotion by expression & vital signs
 High Reliability
4. Capable of sensing large number of people in crowd
 Group emotion Detection


Concentration level, Drowsiness level, Head pose, Emotion estimation result(Amenity・Excitement level, Happy, Surprise, Fear Angry, Disgust, Sad Neutral)


1. Visualize emotion(Visualize customer response(without survey)), 2. Visualize concentration(-Evaluate teaching material in school, -Feedback comfortability of the office), 3. Detect drowsiness(Prevent drowsy driving)
*1 Measurement may be difficult depending on the environment. Also, it cannot be used for medical purpose.

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  • October 1, 2018.

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