DC/DC Converters (Base Station Power Supply, etc.)

DC/DC Converter Unit
Low Impedance

• The film capacitor has high noise absorbency and power supply line noise can be reduced due to low ESR.

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Low Loss

• The set's high reliability is achieved due to the film capacitor's low loss.

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Primary Applications

• DC/DC Converters

Additional Advantages

• Improved reliability of set (With Ceramic X7R, sometimes there is a danger that the occurrence of cracks will generate malfunctions in the short mode. Cracks are not generated in film capacitors.)

• Beneficial for reduced power supply line noise, etc., due to low ESR.

• There is no problem with short product life caused by dry up, such as occurs with aluminum electrolysis, because electrolytes are not used.

Recommended Products
100V : 474 ~ 105