Mass laminations(Shield board) "PreMulti"

Notes for using technical information.
Reduces the load of customers' circuit formation. Contribute to the impedance matching and crosstalk prevention by increasing flexibility of board design.
Possible to be high multi-layered up to 24 layers.
Quick delivery from order to shipment.

Circuit Board Materials

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Automotive component, Mobile product(PC and related equipment, Mobile phone, Laptop etc.), Amusement machine, Digital appliance, Measuring instrument, Semiconductor test equipment, Semiconductor memory board, etc.


High multi-layered
~24 layers
AOI inspection for
all materials
Quick delivery

What's Mass laminations?

What's Mass laminations?


Product Number Comment
C-1810 Glass epoxy resin shield board used R-1766 material
C-1510 Halogen-free shield board used R-1566 material
C-1850D High heat resistance shield board for Automotive component used R-1755D material
C-1850E Shield board for Automotive component used R-1755E material
C-1850S High heat resistance shield board for ICT infrastructure equipment used R-1755S material

Specification list

Item General Specifications
Board thickness(Max) 2.40mm±10%
Board thickness(Min) 0.24mm±10%
Dimensional tolerance between the reference mark ±0.15mm
Accuracy of the layer reach 0.15mm or less
Warpage 1% or less of the long side
Line/Space Copper thickness 12μm: 50/50μm
Copper thickness 18μm: 50/50μm
Copper thickness 35μm: 75/75μm
Copper thickness 70μm: 100/100μm
Copper thickness 105μm: 150/150μm

※The above data is general specifications. Please contact us for more specifications.

The above data are typical values and not guaranteed values.

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