Noise / Thermal Solutions

Panasonic aims to become a partner who can make a more significant contribution to customers by offering its solutions in combination with electronic devices to solve customers' challenges.
Taking advantage of its strong lineup of various devices as well as components for noise suppression and heat sink measures, Panasonic provides optimum solutions based on the construction of simulation models with the understanding of device characteristics and operating principles and its high-precision integrated simulation technology using the constructed models to simulate equipment models.

Experienced staff

Solution expert group
A solution expert group organized in the Industrial Solutions Company provides solution services for corporate functions.
With thorough knowledge of circuit design, its staff aims to increase the value of your electronic systems by working with your company.
R&D capabilities
Supports a wide range of material, software, and production technologies based on distinct and individual R&D capabilities.
Group synergy
Our cross-organizational and rapid collaboration with a group-wide R&D team in Panasonic will satisfy requests from your company.
You can make full use of our ample group-wide R&D assets.
Aiming to create new value with customers

Electronic systems trend and challenges in design/development

[Electronic systems trend]More advanced functions/more complex systems, Lower power dissipation/lower power operation, Higher speed/higher frequency, Tightening of the Radio Law,[Design and development challenges]Assurance of basic performance, Assurance of reliability, Regulatory compliance. Providing solutions to solve customers challenges, not as a mere component supplier

Devoting energy to design rather than noise suppression and heat sink measures

image)Design flexibility improvement/cost reduction for measures

Drastic measures against noise and heat in upstream stage of circuit design (from measures to design)

Proposals for noise suppression and heat sink measures through overall analyses of equipment built with Panasonic devices

Common mode noise filter Laminated chip varistor ESD suppressor Graphite Sheet(PGS)

Interface design support desk

Supporting design and certification of high-speed data transmission systems

Common mode noise filter ESD suppressor Chip-type laminated varistor Aluminum electrolytic capacitor