Wearable device : AV/Computing

A wearable device is an information terminal which is wearable and portable and will be popularized from now on.
Since many functions such as communication, camera, display, and sensor need to be installed in its small profile, low power consumption and miniaturization are required for the components used for the wearable device.
Panasonic offers devices for the wearable terminal based on our unique low power consumption, downsizing and multi-packaging technologies.

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NFC TagTactile SwitchCommon Mode Noise FiltersCommon Mode Noise FiltersConnectorESD SuppressorFuseNTC Thermistor (Chip type) Chip ResistorsConnectorNTC Thermistor (Chip type)Graphite Sheet (PGS)ConnectorNTC Thermistor (Chip type)ESD SuppressorChip ResistorsFuseCommon Mode Noise FiltersConnectorSD CardConnectorNTC Thermistor (Chip type)NTC Thermistor (Chip type)ConnectorGraphite Sheet (PGS)Graphite Sheet (PGS)Conductive Polymer Electrolytic CapacitorsNTC Thermistor (Chip type)Chip ResistorsLithium BatteriesNickel Metal Hydride BatteriesChip ResistorsNTC Thermistor (Chip type)ConnectorConductive Polymer Electrolytic Capacitors (POSCAP)Motor Driver ICMOSFETChip ResistorsPower SupplyFusePin-type Lithium-ion BatteryLED Driver ICs for Illumination