High-Thermal Conductive Film for Multilayer Circuit Boards

High-thermal conductivity of 2.7 W/m・K* helps reduce the number of thermal management components. (* Measured with the laser flash method)
The excellent resin flowability enables multilayering of electronic circuit boards, contributing to the miniaturization of equipment.
Certified to meet the UL-specified rated temperature of 150℃ and can be used in high-temperature environment.

Circuit Board Materials

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Multilayer circuit boards and component-embedded circuit boards used for core power supply components that require heat management measures (vehicle chargers, power supplies for railroads, power conditioners for photovoltaic power generation, inverters, step-up converters, etc.)


Thermal conductivity 2.7W/m·K
(Laser flash method)
Excellent resin flowability
RTI 150°C


Comparison of thermal conductivity

Comparison of thermal conductivity

Superiority of R-2400

Miniaturization of circuit boards by multilayering (cross-sectional view)

Superiority of R-2400

Example of Application and Copper pattern embedding

Example of Application and Copper pattern embedding

General properties

Item Test method Condition Unit   Halogen-free  
Product line-up (Thickness) μm 100, 150
Thermal conductivity ASTM D5470 A W/m·K 3.8
Laser flash A 2.7
Glass transition temp.(Tg) DMA E-1/105 °C 200
Withstand voltage vertical to layer ASTM D149 C-48/23/50 kV 6.5 (100um)
CLTE IPC-TM-650 2.4.24 E-2/105 ppm 30 (40-260°C)
Tracking resistance ASTM D3638 C-48/23/50 V 600 (PLC-0)
Rated temperature (RTI) UL °C 150
Flammability UL C-48/23/50 94V-0

The sample thickness is 0.8mm. Withstand voltage vertical to layer data is for a thickness of 0.1mm.
Tracking resistance, rated temperature and flammability are data for a combination of R-2400 0.1mm above and below a 0.38mm core material.

Our Halogen-free materials are based on JPCA-ES-01-2003 standard and others.
Contain; Chlorine:≤0.09wt%(900ppm), Bromine:≤0.09wt%(900ppm),

The above data are typical values and not guaranteed values.

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