Consulting for Manufacturing

Equipment Support Program Through Lifetime
Any Issue like this ?  Panasonic assist you to solve them Factory Analysis and Consulting Process Customers' Voice  Effect of Improvement and Innovation
Can you achieve your target profit?
Are you having problems maintaining your cash flow?
Is your organization getting stiff?
Is your staff meeting their individual target while meeting your corporate Goals?
Can you obtain ideal Output?
Are you suffering with complex manufacturing due to drastic environmental change?
Can you manage properly production control or material inventory?
Is everybody in your organization using and sharing the same information?
1 Factory Analysis
  Analysis and Implementation support for entire factory
2   Process Analysis
  Analysis and Implementation support for specific processes
3   Individual Poblem Analysis
  Analysis and Implementation support for individual problem
4   Strengthening of Manufacturing
  Total Factory Optimization
5   Individual Problem Improvement
  • Productivity
• Quality
• Manufacturing management enhancement
• CO 2exhaust Reduction
• Strengthening of 5S / visibility