PanaCIM-EE Gen2

PanaCIM-EE Gen2 Mounting MES Software

Next Generation, Smart Factory Solution Integrating Cyber and Physical Layers

Cyber and Physical Layers

Management : Next Generation, Smart Factory Solution Connecting Shop Floor with Management System
Precise Inventory Management : Real-time Consumption MonitoringFlexible System Integration (Production Scheduler / ERP/MES)Accurate Material Supply : Error Prevention
Maximize Factory Performance : Visualization and AnalysisEnterprise Management Solution PanaCIM-EE Gen2Real-time Instruction : Operation Optimization
Absolute Traceability : Reference LevelFlexible System Structure (Small to Large Enterprises / Rich Functional Modules)Continuous Production : Asset Management & Preventive Maintenance
Gemba : Innovating SMT Shop Floor Operations!

System Configuration Example

Floor - Customer System - Line
*1 : Data Storage for Material Verification/Traceability/Production Analysis
(required to store for more than 30 days)
*2 : Data Storage for Material Control
*3 : Data Storage for Maintenance
*4 : Short for PanaCIM®-EE Gen2


Functionality Description
Material Verification Enables the verification of components at equipment level through writing component data on feeder memory,
This also controls the start of production and prevents component misplacement. External interface to a customer's in-house systems available.
Material Control This manages the data of components consumed on production floor. Using Reel ID(unique ID on each component), it tracks the exact number of remaining components and helps minimize inventory. Reservation and Allocation assures availability and MSD(moisture sensitive device) control is also available with life time management.
Traceability This functionality provides easy search and filter capability for bad components and lots that would potentially cause recalls. Leveraging Material Control functionality, more detailed PCB identification is also available.
The real-time monitoring and visualization of equipment performance status works on PC monitors and also sends warnings and alerts to wireless handy terminals. It encourages operators to cope with component shortages and errors and reduces production downtime. Dispatch functionality(optional) navigates and optimizes the operatorʼs travel route and component replenishment sequence to reduce component shortages that cause short time downtime and to save replenishment labor.
Production Analysis By comparing each production line status, it identifies production performance trends and detects the bottleneck and root cause of the underperformance. It also increases production quality by obtaining inspection results from inspection equipment and identifying specific mounting conditions on bad components.
Maintenance This promotes periodic maintenance of equipment and prevents production stop due to equipment errors.
It also prevents bad equipment from being used in production and contributes to utilization increase when bad feeders are detected at offline setup.
Enterprise Link The data export such as traceability and material verification to customer systems can be done through this functionality. Various interfaces such as file, socket and database are supported and can provide flexible integration with customer systems.

* System structure may differ due to customer environment and equipment. Ask for more details.
* Some of the equipment are prepared by customer.
* There may be some restrictions for some functionality. Ask for more details.