Thermosetting stretchable film BEYOLEX

Non-silicone thermosetting insulation film with high heat resistance and environmental stability.
A pliable and stretchable substrate follows 3D shapes that cannot be achieved with conventional flexible substrates.
Can be the foundation for many new innovative applications for stretchable electronics.
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Devices in printed electronics applications such as wearable, healthcare, medical, automotive, energy harvesting, aerospace, etc.


Good elongation
Low hysteresis
High temperature resistance


BEYOLEX is an unique insulation material based on a proprietary, thermoset, non-silicone polymer system which provides softness, conformability, high-temperature resistance, and compatibility with a wide variety of functional inks and pastes, contributes to the creation of new innovative stretchable electronics.



Demonstrator Video (Production cooperation: Printed Electronics Ltd.)

LED: Wiring does not break when bent or stretched and returns to its original state.
NFC: In addition to stretching and shrinking, immersion in water does not cause functional problems.


General properties

Item Test method *¹ Unit BEYOLEX
Elongation ASTM D822 Initial % 200 <
Aft. High Temp. and High Humid. test *² 200 <
Aft. Heat cycle *³ 200 <
Modulus @50% strain ASTM D822 Initial MPa < 2.5
Aft. High Temp. and High Humid. test < 2.5
Aft. Heat cycle < 2.5
Hysteresis Panasonic Original Initial % < 0.1
Aft. High Temp. and High Humid. test < 0.1
Aft. Heat cycle < 0.1
Heat resistance TG/DTA (@Air) 5% weight loss °C 302
Breakdown voltage IEC 60243-1 KV/mm 98
Dielectric constant(Dk) IPC TM650 @10GHz / @2GHz 2.8 / 3.3
Dissipation factor(Df) @10GHz / @2GHz 0.052 / 0.073
Transparency ISO 13468-1 % > 90
Stretch cycle 50% stretch cycle > 10000

*1 Measurement are compliant with the standards other than Panasonic’s original test.
*2 Test Condition: 85°C/ 85%RH/ 1000h
*3 Test Condition: -55°C(5min) ↔ 125°C(5min)/ 1000cyc

The above data are typical values and not guaranteed values.

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