Liquid Materials for Board level Underfill, Adhesives "LEXCM DF" series

Secondary mounting reinforcement of semiconductor package
such as CSP/BGA, Adhesive bonding of camera module/image sensor

Line up

Application Our proposal
CSP / BGA / Image Sensor
Power device

High heat resistance Secondary mounting Sidefill materials CV5797

For large size PKG Tg 160°C Pot life 72h Frozen storage Easy to inspect

High heat resistance Secondary mounting Underfill materials CV5794

Tg 160°C Pot life 72h Frozen storage

Low-temperature curing Secondary mounting Underfill materials CV5350AS

Cures at a low temp of 80°C Tg is 150°C or greater High fluidity

For secondary mounting reinforcement Drop impact resistance liquid encapsulant CV5313, CV5314

Drop impact resistance Underfill/Sidefill reinforcement

Camera Module

Thermosetting Adhesive/UV curing Adhesive CV5000, CV7000

Bonding of various materials Solvent resistance Time-lagged curing


Surface Mount Assembly Reinforcement Type for PKGs


Necessity of Reinforcement for Automotive Electronic Components (Solder Crack Causes)

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