Batteries for medical devices

Why Panasonic?


Wide line-up


With a wide range of sizes and product lineups, Panasonic we meet various needs for main or back-up power supply of medical devices.


Superior discharge characteristics


Superior discharge characteristics at wide range of temperatures achieve devices requiring long-term reliability in stable operation.



Safety and Reliability


Panasonic supply high-quality batteries stably by quality control techniques proven through almost 90 years of development and production experience



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if you have any questions about batteries.

In medical applications

For small devices

- Wearable and Patch-type devices

Coin-type lithium batteries contribute to miniaturization of devices e.g., Glucose monitoring systems, Pulse oximeters and Patch-type devices

Pin-type lithium-ion batteries are suitable for the design of small, thin and stylish devices. e.g., Wristband devices, hearing aids and insulin pens

For stationary devices - AED and Ventilators

Cylindrical-type lithium batteries contribute to devices requiring high-drain discharge

e.g., AED and Surgical stapler

Nickel-metal hydride batteries are used as back-up power supply during a power outage

e.g., Ventilators and Infusion pumps


*Coverage of medical devices classification

  Panasonic provides batteries for medical devices except implantable nor class IV devices. Please contact us for details.


Panasonic batteries line-up

For small and thin devices

Glucose monitoring system

Pulse oximeter

Vital sensor


and so on

  Coin-type Lithium Batteries

✓ thin and light

✓ a wide range of products

✓ stable performance for a long time

For devices with high-rate discharging used for a long time

Blood pressure monitor


and so on

  Cylindrical-type Lithium Batteries

✓ long life of 10-15 years*

✓ high safety by safety elements

✓ fine discharge characteristics

*long-life type

For small and slim devices

Insulin pen

Hearing aid

Wearable device

and so on

  Pin-type Lithium-ion Batteries

✓ slim and light

✓ high safety

✓ stable performance for a long time*

*More than 80% capacity remains even after 2,000 cycle at 20 ℃

For long-time continuous use


Infusion pump

Oxygen concentrator

and so on

  Nickel-Metal Hydride batteries

✓ long life of 8-10 years*

✓ work in a range of temperatures**

✓ high safety

*long-life type

**Please contact us for details.