Pin-type Lithium-ion Batteries

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A pin-shaped lithium-ion battery which expands design options for small devices.                









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Wireless earphones, Hearing aids, Electric tint changing glasses, Electric bifocal glasses,

Wristband active tracker, Stylus, Tracking devices,

Wearables, Medical devices, Wireless communication devices, IoT devices and more.

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  • Super small and slim battery realizes not only stylish designs but also high output.
  • A high-strength stainless exterior case provides excellent safety and reliability.
  • Rapid charging makes your portable devices more user-friendly.

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Part number CG-320B CG-420A CG-425A
Maximum charging voltage 4.35V
Nominal voltage 3.8V
Typical capacity 16.0mAh 23.0mAh 32.0mAh
Dimensions* Diameter(Max.) 3.65mm 4.7mm 4.7mm
Height(Max.) 20.0mm 20.0mm 25.0mm
Weight* Approx. 0.5g Approx. 0.8g Approx. 1.0g
Operating temperature Charge   0℃ to +60℃
Discharge -20℃ to +60℃
Maximum continuous discharging current 30.0mA 44.0mA 60.0mA
Maximum charging current 11.2mA 66.0mA 90.0mA
Certifications IEC62133, UL1642

*Without tabs

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  • Super small battery can provide stylish designs for your products.


  • High safety and reliablity for your body-attached devices.


  • Rapid charging realizes 80% charging in 20 minutes (CG-425A/CG-435A only), that makes your portable devices more user-friendly.


  • Can provide high output such as bluetooth low energy, vibration and other functions.


  • Excellent cycle characteristic can provide long product life-cycle.


  • Can track and trace every single cell.


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