Metal Layer Formation Mettallized 2-Layers of Copper + Nickel Metallized Single Copper Layer
Base/Thickness PET/16μm PET/4μm PET/5μm PET/6μm
Shield Layer/Thickness Copper/0.75μm Copper/0.1μm Copper/0.3μm Copper/0.1μm Copper/1.0μm
Rust Stopping Layer/Thickness Nickel/0.05μm BTA(Benzotriazole)
Conductive Adhesion Agent/Thickness - -
Customer-specified material - -
Product Form Roll Roll
Product Width Maximum 135mm 46~230mm
Product Length Maximum 1,000m Maximum 21,200m Maximum 10,600m Maximum 21,200m Maximum 5,300m
Surface Resistance 0.03Ω/□ or less 0.16Ω/□ or less 0.07Ω/□ or less 0.16Ω/□ or less 0.02Ω/□ or less
Electric Field Shield Effect
(Representative value)
80dB (at 1GHz ) 65dB (at 1GHz ) 70dB (at 1GHz ) 65dB (at 1GHz ) 85dB (at 1GHz )
Magnetic Field Shield Effect
(Representative value)
65dB (at 1GHz ) 45dB (at 1GHz ) 55dB (at 1GHz ) 45dB (at 1GHz ) 70dB (at 1GHz )
Moisture Resistance 85°C,85% 500h 40°C,95% 48h
High-Temperature Property 120°C 500h 85°C 500h

*All products conform to the RoHS instruction

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