NTC Thermistor (Chip type):Line Up

High precision type
(narrow tolerance)
Standard type Automotive type
*01005 to 0603 size
R25: 10 to 220 kΩ
B25/50: 3380 to 4700 K
*01005 to 0603 size
R25: 0.022 to 470 kΩ
B25/50: 2750 to 4700 K
0402, 0603 size
R25: 1 to 470 kΩ
B25/50: 3380 to 4700 K
We realized narrow tolerance by controlling resistance value and B-value with a high degree of accuracy.It is perfect for temperature detection of secondary battery or temperature compensation of storage device such as HDD. We have a wide variety of products having various sizes, wide range of resistance values and B-values. They are perfect for temperature compensation of cellular phone module, temperature detection for CPU in PC and so on. Automotive type that has high heat-resisting property (up to 150°C) are available.
High precision type Standard type Automotive type
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* 01005 Size is not put in the catalog, so please contact us for details.

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