Lithium-ion Batteries


Lithium-ion Batteries

Lithium-ion Batteries

Lithium-ion Batteries
Lithium-ion Batteries
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Strengths of Panasonic Energy's lithium-ion batteries


High energy density enables smaller and lighter equipment

Compared to nickel-metal hydride and nickel-cadmium batteries, lithium-ion batteries have a significantly lower self-discharge rate and a high voltage of 3.6 V, which is approximately three times higher. This high voltage and light weight contribute to a high energy density, and it supports the miniaturization and weight reduction of equipment.

High safety and reliability

As battery capacity increases, ensuring battery safety becomes increasingly important. Panasonic Energy focuses on battery material and process development, along with the development of control technologies to ensure safe battery use and high reliability.

Longer service life

Lithium-ion batteries can be used repeatedly by recharging. They do not suffer from the memory effect observed in nickel-cadmium batteries, where the discharge capacity appears to decrease after repeated shallow discharges and recharges. Additionally, the use of special carbon contributes to a stable discharge voltage and consistent power output for a long time. This prevents performance deterioration, ultimately we have realized the battery longevity.

Provision of modules, packs, and systems with an optimized safety design as battery expert

With our extensive experience and knowledge acquired since the development of lithium-ion batteries in 1994, we are well-equipped to offer battery modules, packs, and energy storage systems that incorporate cells with the optimum level of safety design. We take into consideration the specific usage requirements of the end product to ensure that our customers can safely utilize lithium-ion batteries.





We manufacture and sell cylindrical lithium-ion batteries for EV, which lead the industry with the world's highest energy density, high safety and reliability, and contribute to the evolution and spread of a wide range of mobility vehicles, not just EV.


EV Electrically power assisted bicycle


Infrastructure / Industrial / Consumer

Lithium-ion batteries are ideal for supporting our daily lives in social infrastructure and industrial equipment, as well as for mobile devices that require compactness, lightness, and high performance. We offer flexible solutions to meet the diverse energy requirements in social infrastructure, power (replacing internal combustion engines), and consumer sectors with high-quality and high-capacity lithium-ion batteries and systems (including mechanisms, circuits, and software). Our contributions extend to both the information society and the environmental society.


Energy storage module for data center Laptops and tablets Construction machinery, agricultural machinery, forklift trucks Power tool

Medical / Healthcare

Pin-type lithium-ion batteries are ideal for powering equipment such as wristband terminals, hearing aids, and insulin pens. Contributing to increased convenience through device miniaturization, they support stable operation for devices with high capacity, long life, and a wide range of operating temperatures.


Wristband active tracker Smart glasses Wireless earphones


Please be noted the following point before you consider to purchase


  • Unlike other battery types, lithium-ion batteries have a very high energy density, and incorrect use of them can lead to unstable events. For this reason, we do not sell cylindrical, prismatic or pouch-type lithium-ion batterie cells on the market to ensure safe use by the general public.


  • All of our lithium-ion batteries are customised to the customer's required specifications. For this reason, all certificates are disclosed through the distribution channels from the perspective of information security. We ask that you contact us through our distribution channels.