Laser Welding Robots

Photo : Laser Welding Robots
  • Remote Laser welding robot system "LAPRISS" series
  • High-speed remote Laser welding capabilities
  • Comes with 5 elements for Laser welding / cutting
    Laser oscillator, welding / cutting processes, software, trepanning / cutting head, Laser robot


Remote Laser Welding / Laser Cutting Robot System "LAPRISS" series

Features (Laser welding)

  1. High-quality beam with high-output(4 kW) by Direct Diode Laser oscillator
    • Low distortion & high-speed welding
      High energy density allows low heat input welding.
    • Lower running cost
      Energy conversion efficiency is more than 3 times as high as LD pumped YAG Laser, which reduces electricity costs.
  2. Great condition tolerance
    • Increased tolerance for gap and target point misalignment (Unique Spiral process and Spinning process)
  3. Easy-to-use software exclusively for Laser welding
    • Easy settings of weld conditions with Teach Pendant
  4. High functionality trepanning head - Compact, lightweight, and easy maintainability
  5. Compact robot specialized for Laser welding
    • Cables and hoses are routed through robot arm.
    • All operations can be performed through teach pendant.

Features (Laser cutting)

  1. Easy‐to‐use software exclusively for laser cutting
    • Easy programming by Teach pendant
    • Laser Navigation (Laser cutting support function)
  2. The high trajectory cuttings by daughter arm
  3. Compact robot specialized for laser cutting



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