Time Constant Circuits (Rheostats)

Time Constant Circuit (Rheostat)
Time Constant Circuit (Rheostat)Time Constant Circuit (Rheostat)Time Constant Circuit (Rheostat)
Time Constant Circuit (Rheostat)
Stable Temperature Characteristics

• Set circuit movements are stable due to stable temperature characteristics.

[Temperature Characteristic Data]
Temperature Characteristic Data
Low Loss

• Film capacitor generally has high permissible current due to low loss.

• Film capacitor has excellent high frequency characteristics.

[Frequency Characteristics Data]
Frequency Characteristics Data
No shock noise
[Shock Noise Measurement Data]
Film Capacitor   Ceramic X7R Characteristics
Film capacitors do not generate shock noise because they do not experience piezoelectric effect.   When mechanical shocks, such as a light tapping on the board occur, Ceramic X7R generates shock noise.(piezoelectric effect)
Low Dielectric Absorption

• Improved set movement reliability is achieved due to low dielectric absorption levels.

[Dielectric Absorption Data]
Dielectric Absorption Data
Primary Applications

• Rheostats

Additional Advantages

• Stable capacity, low loss

• No shock noise

→Set circuit movement is stable and high reliability is achieved.

Recommended Products
50V : 472 ~ 104 (G : ±2%)