FAQ0123 Why are CO2 refrigerants so much in the spotlight?


Although the fluorocarbons used to date as refrigerants for refrigeration and air conditioning have seen improvements, for instance, their ozone depletion potential (ODP) has been cut to zero, it has not been possible to reduce their global warming potential (GWP). It is in this context that natural refrigerants (such as CO2, ammonia and hydrocarbons), which are found in the natural world and have zero ODP and a GWP of 0 to 1, have come into the spotlight.
Among them, CO2 is a leading light for its attractive advantages: it has no drawbacks such as toxicity or flammability, and there is no need to recover the refrigerant when the refrigeration and air conditioning equipment that has been using it is scrapped

Refrigerant ODP GWP Combustibility Toxicity Recovery
Natural refrigerants CO2 0 1 Non-inflammable No Not required
HC 0 <3 High flammable No Required
NH3 0 ≈0 Low flammable Yes Not required
HFC R134a 0 1300 Non-inflammable No Required
R410A 0 1900 Non-inflammable No Required
R407C 0 1600 Non-inflammable No Required
HCFC R22 0.055 1700 Non-inflammable No Required

*ODP: Ozone depletion potential; GWP: Global warming potential

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