LED Type PM2.5 Sensor

  • ◆ Mass-density numerical display (μg/m3) without using external MCU
  • ◆ Capable of visualizing IAQ (indoor air quality)


PM2.5 Sensor Overview

  1. High SN by optimized optical design makes high-detectability of micro-particles.
  2. High-accurate conversion to mass-density value (μg/m3) by advanced algorithm.
  3. Built-in MCU, no need for external MCU.


  • Air Purifier
  • Air Condiitioner
  • IAQ management for HEMS / BEMS
    ※HEMS:Home Energy Management System
     BEMS:Building Energy Management System

PM2.5 Sensor Specification

Type LED type
Detectable Objects & Accuracy PM1.0 -
PM2.5 35~300μg/m3 : ±20%
PM10 -
Pollen ×
Concentration range 1~300μg/m3
Operating life (accuracy continuation period) 7 years
Size (width, depth, height) 45×22×52mm
Output format I2C
Operating power voltage 5.0V(±10%)
Consumption current Below 100mA
Airflow control Heater resistance type
Maintenance (lens cleaning) Required


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