NFC Tag & Secure IC


Panasonic NFC Tag modules equipped with the antenna support short distance wireless communication technology called NFC: Near Field Communication. You can use various NFC services by equipping this module. You need not to design antenna that is responsible for communication properties, and can use NFC functions in a short term certainly. Panasonic offers various modules: modules to write/read data only, modules to communicate other device with serial i/f for controlling apparatus and so on.


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Panasonic offers NFC Tag LSIs, NFC Tag modules and SecureICs.

NFC Tag LSIs   (MN63Y1, MN63Y12)

Support contactless smart card standards (NFC-A, NFC-B, NFC-F) with mounted FeRAM-memory which realizes high reliability, high-speed-rewriting and low power consumption. FeRAM is used for many IC-Cards and RFID, and well-known for the reliability due to its history of achievements. Panasonic offers various NFC Tag LSIs: support NFC-F/ NFC-B/ NFC-A*, equipped with serial-I/F, support secure communication functions. Panasonic supports the design of NFC-Antenna for customer’s apparatus, and offers tool for NFC tag antenna design on web (NFC Design Navigator) for free.

* Under development

NFC Tag module   (MN63Y3, MN63Y32)

Panasonic offers NFC tag modules implemented Tag IC, antenna and peripheral parts. to perform implementation of NFC easily. We prepare various types of modules to match with customers demands. Each module is equipped with the optimized antenna, and done connection verification with representative smartphones of famous maker. You can use Panasonic NFC tag modules without anxiety, because of the verification results.

Secure IC

Panasonic's new product generates and retains a unique authentication key inside the IC and deletes it after use, blocking any interception of the key and effectively protecting important data. Equipped with NFC, a wireless interface function, and a memory (ReRAM) that is highly resistant to radiation, the new multifunctional secure IC is also applicable to devices not connected to the internet and medical devices.

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NFC Tag LSI Support

Secure IC Support

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