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Requirements for capacitor performance used in SSD

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Trend of SSD

Backup of power supply

High energy density

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Requirement for capacitor performance

High voltage resistance, Large capacity

Compact size, Low profile

Providing the optimized solution with a high to low voltage power source


28V system

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use-case-pressing imageBy pressing the button for each circuit block, specific case is shown for reference.

Space saving
Quantity reduction

Case 1 - Replacement from MLCC to POSCAP

Introduction of a replacement case by using compact and large capacitance low ESR capacitors, POSCAP TQS series.

Offered values
Achieving quantity reduction with equivalent effective electrostatic capacitance, along with compact size and space saving.
  Before After
Capacitor type

Mounted circuit area image
Ceramic capacitor (MLCC))

Series, part number - TQS series(D size)
Specifications 35 V, 10 µF, 2.0 x 1.2 mm 35 V, 47 µF, 7.3 x 4.3 mm
Quantity 30 pcs 1 pc
Effective electrostatic capacitance 45 µF
10 μF x 30 pcs x 15% = 45 μF
(Capacitance reduced by 28 VDC)
47 µF
(No Capacitance reduced by 28VDC)

Mounted circuit area

128.7 mm2 44.2 mm2

Features of POSCAP TQS series,TQC series

The replacement case shown above uses TQS series, but TQC series can also be used.

  TQSシリーズ TQCシリーズ
Product dimensions L3.5×W2.8 / L7.3×W4.3
Rated voltage 16 V to 35 V
Static capacitance 6.8 µF to 47 µF 3.9 µF to 220 µF
Features Category temperature range -55℃ to +105 ℃
High voltage resistance 35 V max.
Low profile 1.1 mm to 1.4 mm 1.15 mm to 2.8mm
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Data sheet
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Data sheet
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